About me


I'm a Freelance UX / Interaction Designer, currently based in Berne, Switzerland.


I've been floating through the web cosmos since the age of 14 (that's more than half of my life) as a graphic designer, front and backend developer and currently as a UX and Interaction Design all-rounder. Throughout my career I've been interested in building easy to use products and always rooted for our users.

Back in the days that was an unusual view as websites just had to work to be approved by clients. Once UX gained traction I finally found a name (or methodology) to express my desires and ever since I focus on this creative yet analytic discipline.

On a more personal note: I'm married to my lovely wife Silvia and father of three. I try to spend most of my free time with them and together we enjoy exploring Switzerland. Every now and then I get to be creative with my camera or we travel the world (<- link to our German travel diary).



These are the skills you can expect from me:

  • Rooting for the user (as in User Centered Design)

  • Conducting qualitative in-person studies

  • Building prototypes, both on paper and clickable

  • Designing wireframes and mockups in Adobe CC

  • Being strategic and creative at the same time

  • Talks and Presentations (Conference and In-House)

Things I currently apply in my UX projects that I would
like to focus on in my next assignments:

Tim is dedicated to his work and pursues his objectives in an enthusiastic way. His engaging nature inspired both managers and colleagues to try out new ways.
— Bruno Krieger / Development Team Leader at IOZ AG



Do we match?

If you're unsure, have a look at some of my work and articles.
If it clicked, feel free download my CV or send me a text.