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The MoleGram Explorer is a Mixed Reality application that helps Students to learn about molecular surfaces. Read more about the designing for Mixed Reality

Paper Prototype // Lab Study // Personas // Workshops // Wireframes // Mockups


Our Client was looking to build a versatile extranet where existing and potential clients as well as service technicians on site could access their product catalogue, documentation, training and collaboration workspaces. What looked like a simple task in the beginning turned out to be way more complex due to very different persona requirements. Read more about paper prototypes

Field Study // Paper Prototype // Lab Study // Workshops // Personas // Wireframes // Mockups

Alfred Müller AG

As part of a PoC for a Document Management System I conducted a field study that surfaced unexpected findings. Based on those we created wireframes and used them in a Usability Test. Programming the proof of concept was a lot more streamlined because of the UX deliverables. Read more about the benefits of custom business tools


Lab Study // Paper Prototype // Workshops

Dept. of Justice and Security of Basel-Stadt

Before rebuilding their intranet we got commissioned to evaluate the current one in a pre-project and help the IT department plan their approach for a redesign. In this work example I will focus on some detailed findings and how they influenced the proposed solution. Read how even a minor UX effort can significantly improve the final solution