Consulting and Talks


I love to share what I’ve learned so far. If your company is new to UX I can help you craft your own UX process and show your team members how it works in hands on workshops. Or if you’re a Product Owner and would like to know more about the benefits UX offers you.

I provide both one day trainings aswell as regular coaching and consulting.
Let’s get in touch to see how I can help you build more useful stuff.

Besides Consulting I enjoy passing on my knowledge in talks and small workshops. My topics range from UX and DesignOps in general to how to apply specific methods or build Design Systems. So far I’ve spoken at

If you’re looking for a speaker, drop me a line.




5 Pillars of a Design System

Design Systems are beasts that want to get tamed. With the right preparation, diligence and perseverance we can get it done.

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Design System Checklist

I just started to create another design system for a client and there are some conceptual questions I need to first think about before I… — read the article

Interaction Design Workflow for HoloLens

For my first mixed reality design project I had to adapt my 2D workflow to the third dimension. For three weeks I got the chance to work as a freelance Interaction Designer with the talented guys at This is how I went about it — read the article

Fuck that! I’m leaving my comfort zone

This isn’t about “quitting your job and leaving everything behind to live in a tree house in the Gobi desert”. It’s my story of why I put myself deliberately in uncomfortable situations — read the article

Mangelnde UX führt zu Verspätungen — am Flughafen und im Büro

German Article — Während ich diesen Artikel schreibe, sitze ich endlich im Flugzeug nach Kopenhagen, von wo aus ich nach Chicago an eine UX Konferenz weiterfliegen werde. Geplant war das alles etwas anders, denn gestern habe ich zum ersten Mal einen Flug verpasst. — read the article