efficient ux video course

Efficient UX
video course

Because you rarely get the freedom to run a perfect all-you-can-eat UX scenario, you have to choose the most effective methods. You need to provide the best results with a reasonable amount of effort, depending on the type of project, the scale, and the budget. 

In this course I teach how to combine methods in a smart way to plan a cost-effective process without compromising your design research and ideation, which are the crucial foundation any successful product is built upon. You will start by seeing what actually drives UX Design and exploring the Double Diamond process and how you can meet the expectations of an actual UX Design, understand how knowledge is the most important aspect of UX, explore cost-effective techniques for your UX Design and create your own cost-effective UX design process for your company.

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Section ONE

What UX Design
really is about

Intro to UX in general and the basic methods of the Double Diamond,
as well as setting the expectations inside your company/with your client.


UX-Bar Slack Channel
History of the famous Quote by Henry Ford
Ideo Process
Design Thinking
Google Venture Design Sprint

Section two

Double Diamond Phase 4
— Create

In the last phase of the Double Diamond we validate our final piece of work with actual users.
During the process of building our final deliverables, we will encounter assumptions that we use to design.


Styleguide Examples
List of useful UX Tools
UX Designer in an agile environment
Introduction to Card Sorting Method
Usability Test Script

Section Three

Double Diamond Phase 3
— Explore

Based on the assumptions from the previous Section, we need to gather insights and come up with different innovative ways.
During this process we - again - will encounter situations, where we decide based on assumptions.


Everyone is a Designer Talk by Tim Brown
Improv Cards Download
Worst possible Idea Method

Section FOUR

Double Diamond Phase 2

In the second phase of the Double diamond we decide on what we want to build. This answers many of the assumptions we ran into in the later phases.
If we haven’t done our research in phase one correctly, most of these design decicions are based on - you already guessed it ;) - more assumptions.


- there are no additional ressources for this section

Section FIVE

Double Diamond Phase 1

The first phase is all about discovery. You try to surface as much insights from your customers because this is the foundation the whole design process builds on.If you’re not doing this right, you’ll not have the data to design in an informed way at later stages.


History of the Five Why? Method by Toyota
Characters vs. Personas

Section SIX

Craft Your Own Cost Effective UX Process

This Section ties everything we’ve learned together. I’ll guide the user step by step through planning their own process and how they can get funding for it. Also, I’d like to show them where they can get further training and certifications from.


My UX Methods Cheat Sheet
More UX Methods
Wikipedia ROI Definition
NNGroup Article on UX ROI
List of different KPI


Packt Video Training
Nielsen Norman Group
Ideo University
List of Design Conferences